Retrofit Sprinkler Installation at Tennyson Court, Taunton

Client: Live West Homes
Contractor: Rydon Construction
Architect: N/A
Employer’s Agent: Tremain Powell Partnership
Value: £750,000

Following a review of their internal fire safety policies, Live West Homes appointed Building Services Consultants to the project team responsible for the design and procurement of a restrofit residential sprinkler system at their Tennyson Court sheltered housing scheme. As a relatively newly built development, the Client wanted to maintain the existing aesthetic; requiring opening up of the building fabric to facilitate the installation of sprinkler pipework and heads. Detailed review of the existing building information was required to ensure that space was available for the new pipework; identifying where alternations to existing installations would be required to complete the proposed works.

The building remained partially occupied throughout the works and a detailed phase planned of works was implemented; meaning that fire safety was maintained and inconvenience minimised to residents and support staff at all time.

Due to spacial constraints the existing domestic water storage, and pressure booster set, were utilised for the purposes of supplying water to the sprinkler system. A priority demand valve was installed to cut the supply of water to domestic outlets, in the event of a sprinkler head discharging; ensuring that the peak water demand from the sprinkler system could be met.